Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Factory-Manufactured Module

Estimated: 150,000

Actual: 155,813

Notes: I've detailed some of the finishes already over at the main site, but I'll try to flesh out a little more here.

The base price for our 64'x16' (1024sf) box is 136,495 ($133/sf). With taxes, freight charges, the loose basement mat'ls that are getting shipped to the site (bathroom vanity, toilet, countertop, tile, recessed lighting cans, bamboo treads for the stairs, pocket door, panelized wall, basement windows and sliders), and taxes (which is its own science), we get to our total of 155K. We'll have some changes by the end of the process, and I'll update accordingly. When I get a chance I'll also update the specific mat'ls/finishes in the box.

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